My name is Joan Marie Stone. I live with my husband in Central Pennsylvania where we raised our family and I started my interest in Australian Shepherds. My husband is a musician and we both taught for 35 years. I brought my first Aussie home the day after our youngest graduated from high school. Needing something to do, I wanted a performance dog that was intelligent and athletic as my interest in agility was blossoming. But for me, Aussies are like potato chips, you can't have just one. The conformation bug also bit and I wanted to start showing in the breed ring. Since then I added two more for show and performance. These dogs live with us in the house, of course, and are very family oriented. They each become your shadow and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Australian Shepherds are a wonderful breed to live with and I want to share that with others that are right for this breed. Aussies are active, intelligent dogs that need owners/families that will include them in their daily lives. Aussies aren't for everyone and, hopefully, if you are thinking of bringing an Aussie into your life you have done your homework and researched the breed, especially if this is your first. You and I will talk about many things and I will pick which pup may best suit your family. I understand preferring a male or a female but you shouldn't get your heart set on a color, as again, you want the best puppy for your family. He/She will be a part of your family for a long time to come.

One more note


"Ganadores" is Spanish for "winners". I feel that our Aussies are all winners whether they win ribbons in competitions,help with our work, or just become a cherished family member.


Now- for those of you that don't speak or haven't studied Spanish - a little pronunciation lesson.

          G - the [g] is hard as in "go"

          a - say like the [a] in "father"

          n - same as the English [n]

          a - "father" again

          d - this is said like the hard [th] as in the word "that"

          or - same as our word "or" ( the actual [r] may take

                practice with a speaker)

          es- say as the "ace" in a deck of cards


You have (gah-nah-dthor-ace) Ganadores.






Is this a good place for a nap?

I will be happy to talk to anyone interested in one of our Aussie puppies. Contact me by email at jstonerusty1@comcast.net. Tell me a bit about yourself and give me a phone number that I can use to get in touch with you.
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